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App Development

Our application development teams for Android and iPhone provide the needed expertise to bring an application from just an Idea to deployment. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages and it takes an experienced developer in both platforms to advise a client on which platform to use.

Whether the client is multi institutional healthcare enterprise sized IT department or an individual owned business our consultants have the experience to advise on all the aspects necessary to make the project a success. Customized Android Application Development We provide total, end-to-end solutions for Android mobile application development from the planning stage to the Android Play Market.

With our substantial experience in the Android world we not only can offer you a technical hand but can be your strategic partner in leveraging this vibrant mobile world to achieve enhanced business performance and effectiveness.

Our broad range of solutions in mobile application development include


We can team up with your company as a consultant where we try and understand your business and your business requirements and present you with the perfect mobile solution. Our expertise and understanding of mobile technology paired with complete analysis of your field and the obsession to shine guarantees that we deliver awesome solutions for your company.


Design is among the principal determinants of a mobile application’s success. You can’t beat a visually gratifying UI that delivers an effortless, flowing user experience. Our design staff is filled with creative professionals who have the artistic spark to deliver exceptional trend-setting design patterns while preserving a seamless user experience.


We’ve considerable experience in Android mobile application development and have come across most problems you can think of and solved them. From addictive, mobile games to sophisticated enterprise standard apps we have developed them all. Consistently at the cutting edge of mobile technology, we are a development house you can rely on.


In the quest for app ingenuity and innovation we haven’t compromised on practical needs of on-time deliverables. We have our in-house system setup that records all progress and communications as your Android app progresses that lets you know where we are and removes any ambiguity. Our project managers are professionals and get things done and deliverables met as long as they have good communication with the client.


Unlike iPhone, Android apps are nearly instantly approved in the Play market. But also unlike iPhone, there’s many different Android versions and phones. We test all apps inhouse on a variety of makes and models to ensure there’s no nasty bugs on obscure handsets that your end customers might be using.

Web Development

Web Development is an area that many companies spend too little time considering. A great web site is more than an add on to a business plan, when planed correctly it contributes significantly to a company’s bottom line.

Web Development encompasses more than just site design, it takes in to consideration such things as mobile application access, coding, graphic design, content writing, search optimization and corporate branding. Our consultants work with a variety of industries and understand the complexities the different industries bring to the table.

Once your business is planned with our consultants we can start building your website. Our web development process brings impeccable coding standards, great users interface, and SEO friendly content. None of this is ever a problem because we have already planned out all of this in our consulting stage.

Website Programming

We have highly trained programmers who can code in a wide variety of languages: php, asp, .NET, Java, Javascript, Ajax, W3C, CSS, HTML, C++, Flex, Flash, XHTML, XML, Symfony,

Graphic Design / Corp Branding

Our graphic designers will take the time to create a unique design and logo for your business. Using proven color schemes and design techniques will ensure a positive experience for your users.

Content Writing

All websites need solid content for optimization purposes. Our content writers will understand your business and write the content to sell in a search engine friendly manner.