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Submit RFP


a. Your project outline, goals, central message, target audience

a. Details of special requirements (ability to perform edits in house, use of in house staff in production

  1. Description of proposed solution, including methodology and approach, technical architecture, and development techniques
  2. Technical requirements, if any (Business and Technical design documents)
  3. Requirements for photos or other graphics (Sample graphics, if available)
  4. Examples of other products or solution you like (for reference purposes)
  5. If this is a large project we might request a sample of a proposed design and layout based on your information – (Attach it if available)
  6. Relevant information regarding the use of third-party software and need to purchase additional hardware to support the proposed solution

a. Desired timetable/schedule – Implementation timeline that identifies key milestones from project start through implementation

  1. Background information on your company, including: financial stability, number of full-time employees, breakout of staff.
  2. Requirements for information about the bidding company.
  3. Overviews regarding your company’s project experience designing and creating products and solutions.
  4. Your company information for each assigned project team member, including: name, project role, company title, relationship to your company (if not a full-time employee), title, skill sets, knowledge base and experience.
  5. Client’s references with name, title, and phone number.