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Social media is one of the fastest growing niches worldwide. In fact, there are over 1.4 billion Facebook users alone. It’s also estimated that 70 percent of social media users worldwide use sites like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis! This has made social media marketing campaigns an extremely popular method for connecting with potential clients, existing customers, supporters and beyond.

But as with all tech-based industries, social media is a rapidly evolving and growing niche, with best practices constantly changing. This makes it very difficult to ensure you're using an effective approach to your social media campaigns. Social media usage is also impacted by the mobile revolution, which is only growing, with mobile phones alone expected to exceed the human population in 2014!

Social media was purely a socializing tool at first, but now, it's an essential business tool. Companies and organizations are always seeking new ways to leverage social media too and that's exactly where Intervallo Consulting Group can assist! We'll help you go from just surviving to absolutely thriving in the social media world, whether you're offering social media based services or require assistance selecting the right social media marketing firm. Our experts are here to help promote social media success, as it's only becoming more and more influential in all facets of the business world.