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Businesses today are striving to slim their processes and gain the extra income needed to survive the current economies. Process Improvement consultants help companies avoid costly modifications to their processes by highlighting what to change and when to leave in place.

Working with people to align efforts with adjustments to maintain smooth transitions and maintain profitability.

Intervallo approach, called Value-Driven Business Process Management, translates strategy into execution, using process as the critical link to help organizations realize immediate and measurable results while establishing a sustainable BPM capability.

We develop process-based governance and assets enabling the right focus, helping decide where to innovate and what not to change. Through the “process of process management". We then drive this to execution—aligning technologies, mobilizing people through change management and making rapid adjustments to both.

In these difficult economic times, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and increase cash flow. Lean efforts align perfectly with this agenda, given their focus on eliminating waste, improving productivity, and increasing agility.