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Public relations, Branding, Marketing and SEO are absolutely essential to success, whether you're a start-up, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, a non-profit organization, a government entity or as a person. Establishing and shaping perceptions is everything!

With the internet as an in-escapable element of life, the world has seen a dramatic rise in the number of companies specializing in public relations, branding, marketing and search engine optimization, as all four facets are key to success in a web-centric climate.

PR is more important than ever in a world where a bad review or negative web page content can ruin your company's brand in a heart-beat. Managing your public image on the web and beyond has become a vital element of running a company or organization.

The web has also led to lots of new marketing venues. It's no longer a world of just newspapers and magazines; today's marketing world encompasses the entire web, including social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, in addition to more traditional methods such as direct mail marketing, phone marketing and print publication-based marketing campaigns.

Then there's search engine optimization, which is a requirement for any company, organization or website that wants to maintain a prominent presence on the net. Today, when we need information or a service, we Google it and if you don't show up on the first page of Google, you might as well be invisible!

PR, Branding, Marketing and SEO are four rapidly evolving niches and the team at Intervallo Consulting Group knows precisely what you need to succeed in this competitive business environment!