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Any Organizational change has its risks and Organizational Change consultants address those risks by insuring sustainability during the entire process and addressing leadership issues that can increase the risks of change.

Organizational change be it a merger or a change to meet a new business model requires due diligence from top down. It involves the employees on the floor and the leadership working in concert to bring it about. Understanding a company’s individual personality is key to making what to outsiders would consider just another “box and line” concept a reality.

Troubled companies, of course, need to transform themselves, but so do the world's most successful companies. Apple's greatness is due to its multiple reinventions. Microsoft will require a transformation to counteract Google, and Google continues to look for opportunities to reinvent itself. All great companies, at least periodically, look for ways to fundamentally enhance their trajectory.

Concurrently attacking all three elements is, of course, challenging, but it is a challenge that more and more CEOs feel the need to confront. Our view is that although driving change is hard, the root causes of what makes it so hard are not unique.

Instead, there are some common pitfalls that with the right level of focus and commitment can be avoided. More than 50 percent of our work is related to collaborating with CEOs to overcome these common pitfalls to help drive significant, accelerated change.