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Mergers and acquisitions are becoming more and more commonplace in a business world that has been dramatically transformed by the web. The internet has led to the development of dot coms, thousands of new companies and dynamics that are very different from even just a decade ago.

The web gives rise to a diverse range of new opportunities, from e-commerce ventures, to informative websites, apps and web-based service offerings. There are also the enhanced marketing opportunities, both website development, to video production, social media, online advertising, search engine marketing and so much more. This makes it much easier for a business to succeed and thrive in today's world.

Quite simply, the web has fueled a phase of hyper growth in the business world, making mergers and acquisitions more commonplace but also more complex. The reason for the added complexity is rooted in the fact that companies are faced with the task of predicting which of the millions of companies and dot coms are likely to survive and thrive in the long term and which companies are apt to be a flop. These are just some of the many challenges investors and entrepreneurs face as they seek to initiate mergers and acquisitions in today's business world.

At Intervallo Consulting Group, we understand the unique challenges that our clients face when it comes to mergers and acquisitions and were here to provide the insight and recommendations that you need to succeed!