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The Pharmaceutical and Life science industry is under great challenges to keep up with the ever-changing medical environment of today with fluctuating distribution avenues, and the constantly changing governmental regulations and policies that regulate this industry.

The Pharmaceutical companies need rapid solutions that can be rapidly deployed and adjusted to meet requirements as they change. The Life science industry as a whole needs to evaluate how they interact with all the players from patients, providers, and Governmental Agencies. Consultants with a diversified background in the medical field bring to the table considerable insight from both the medical field and their area of expertise.

Financial pressure, regulatory changes and burgeoning numbers of decision-makers within the healthcare sector are among the factors calling into question the pharmaceutical industry's present operating model.

These pressures are compounded by low R&D output, costly product withdrawals and lower revenue per product.

The pharmaceuticals market is driven by pressure on margins, the onslaught of generics and ubiquitous cost containment efforts. To hold their own, generic suppliers must achieve cost leadership – all the more so as governments and health insurers increasingly favor cheap products to reduce overall spending. Aspiring leaders develop and implement innovative market strategies, strive for continuous globalization, manage commercial excellence and excel at managing the supply chain and optimizing production sites. And we help them do so.

Patients are increasingly becoming customers, and their influence is growing. OTC products are therefore gaining substantial market share. We support OTC suppliers with appropriate approaches, such as customer relationship management, multilateral sales channels management or exploiting the opportunities of direct mail and e-commerce, to successfully address the challenges involved.