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High tech companies today face an industry with global impacts, each decision can affect a company’s competitiveness today as well as in the future.

With different technology whether it is hardware such as portable laptops, net books, or handhelds with their differing forms of connections and OSes to server hardware and the bewildering options of silicon chips, devices, and networking platforms, add to those concerns the constant influx of new technology and companies, making those tech dept dollars count can be a difficult road to make profit even in the best of economies.

The current economy has complicated the situation in that is has raised the cost of doing business, caused the “here today, gone tomorrow” effect, and increased the unpredictability of customer demand for services. The current Industry needs consultants that are well versed in the many types of technology available today and tomorrow. Our consultants are experts in their area of expertise and can help a company deal with emerging technology as well as understanding when a technology is not best to sink dept dollars in when the technology will not perform as desired. Executive consultants bring with them the experience to assist in guiding a company through the quagmire that this current economy presents.

Intervallo Consultants offers comprehensive strategic advice for companies in the capital goods and related engineering industries.

We combine profound industry and technological expertise with customized Intervallo tools, an extensive international network of experts and highly motivated consultants.

We support our clients by helping them enhance their business, products, projects and services.

We provide advice and assistance on a wide range of top management issues, from developing strategy to enhancing operational performance.

We have a wealth of experience gained from different projects and can tailor our services to the individual client's needs. Working closely with clients ensures that our solutions are ready for implementation and create long-term value on all major issues in the EPHT industry