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"Oil and Gas- The Oil and Gas industry presents unique challenges in that companies face economic pressure to meet the current demands as well as future goals set by governments and regulators.

Meeting economic expectations at the same time having to meet the demands of regulators, while the entire industry faces many consolidations by competitors requires the International expertise in the areas that our consultants provide.

Our consultants work to develop economic opportunities so that they remain valuable and profitable. Electric and Alternative Energy- Utilities and alternative energy producers have many issues to address in their industry such as supply and access issues, and the de-carbonizing of generation while staying competitive to name a few.

Our consultants are international leaders in the Electric and Alternative Energy area and have guided many in this industry converting to new generating sources while helping to keep the economics stable in such processes."

The field of power and gas is becoming more challenging. Companies in this sector have to cope with a consolidating competitive environment, demand for heavy investment in generation and grid, new regulatory developments and more sophisticated customers, to name just a few. Industrial clients of power and gas companies need to evaluate new sourcing strategies to optimize their costs and their risk position in energy supply. Regulators must simulate market conditions but make sure that these companies continue investing in the future.

Our clients range from power and gas companies to industrial gas customers and regulators. Together with them, we develop the strategic, operational and organizational answers to these challenges and help implement individual solutions that work.

The power and gas business is a pillar of Roland Berger's business. We have more than 120 professionals worldwide dedicated to this field. Our project portfolio comprises more than 250 projects in over 20 countries worldwide.